“The Most Successful People are those who are good at Plan B”

  J Yorke

Are you one of those people who lets Life just Happen.

So many people today are unhappy because they can’t/wont make a decision!

If something or someone isn’t working for you anymore change it!

If you’ve been playing golf every Saturday with the same guys for years and it doesn’t work for you anymore, change it! Maybe a different day, maybe once a month or maybe you can’ stand these guys anymore. It might upset the cart at first but they’ll either understand or not. You don’t keep doing something you don’t like just because you always have! Sure way to a crappy life.

People change, life changes. The secret is to adapt and not feel guilty about it.

Life is not an accident!!  You have control. Yes, bad things happen, but you decide how to react to them.

I met two guys in the elevator the other day. The one guy was just laid off. He was going on and on about the wife, kids, the bills. How could they do this to him, he had been loyal all this time and now nothing but a severance cheque.

I felt for the guy. Until he kept talking. Well, ya, he had been laid off a couple of times this past year, and ya, they did shut down the third shift, and ya, they cut everyones hours down but still how could this have happened?

Moron! It didn’t just happen. He saw the signs and looked the other way!

He could’ve put out feelers, got a sense of what’s out there. He could’ve cut back on spending (that big screen , new car) Maybe decided a vacation was due before he had to hit the bricks. But no, he decided to be surprised instead.

Don’t be a moron!

Build a basic plan and then, when the situation changes you have the freedom to take another road.