Create Your Better Life!

9 03 2013

Lifestyle Management is the concept of proactively managing your life instead of just letting it happen!

I think of life as an evolving puzzle, sometimes the pieces fit nicely, sometimes they have to be manipulated and sometimes they just get lost.

There  are so many facets to our lives its hard to keep everything in balance, at any given time one or more areas demand our full attention and the other areas slip a bit, and thats ok.

A few of the things we will be doing are creating a personal Mission Statement as well as a Vision Board.

A Mission Statement is a paragraph or two stating the focus your life, the person you want to be. I will help you figure this out through various worksheets and basic questions and answers.

A Vision Board is a fun way to nail down your hearts desires through pictures and objects. Your fantasy car, your dream job, the country cottage or the highrise condo!

In the next few weeks we will start to collect the basic pieces to create our own perfect puzzle!!

See You Soon!





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