Spring Is Here! Time to Declutter!

9 03 2013

We all collect clutter, some more than others! Any Hoarders out there? Clutter is an inevitable part of life, it’s how you deal with it that counts. I always thought Spring was a great time to declutter, not just your living space, car or purse but also your mind.

A good way to start, as they say, is with baby steps. Start with a drawer, fondly referred to as the junk drawer, yes, we all have one or two. Put paper or a towel on the floor and dump the whole thing out. Put on your favorite show or radio station and begin sorting. Have a garbage bag beside you, if you dont know what that thingamajig is toss it! Then wipe the inside down so you can start fresh. If you really need 100 elestic bands fine, if not, toss ’em. Check all the loose batteries, if they don’t work now they wont work later, toss ’em. Check the flashlight that we should all have in the junk drawer and make sure it has fresh batteries! If your like me you have a pile of stuff that does belong somewhere, just not here. Put any tools, hammer, screwdriver etc. back in the toolbox. Crafting supplies back by the sewing machine and toys back where they belong. If you are really good you could utilize dividers, but clean and decluttered is good enough for me! Try for at lease one drawer a day, the key is to make sure and empty and clean every single one!

Next time we’ll tackle closets!!




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