Personal Branding

18 07 2013

Start building your personal brand!!!

Branding is a method by which you create an emotional bond with your target audience.

Who is your target ? They can be any/all of the following;

  • employers
  • employees
  • college admission panels
  • community groups/boards
  • prospective clients/customers

and of course, your family and friends!

Be Aware, you build your brand every time you appear in public, send a resume or click a mouse!

Make sure it reflects the YOU,  you want the world to see.

Start by answering the questions below.

  • List 5 words you think people use to describe you, now
  • List 5 emotions you think they feel about you, now
  • List 5 words you want them to use to describe the branded you
  • List 5 emotions you want them to feel about the branded you.

If you have started a Vision Board use it to start Brainstorming!!





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