Money Tips

1 08 2013

Most people are terrible with money. We live in a society where we think we deserve everything. Now!

Sooner or later you will get into debt, maybe more than you can handle. Credit companies love us.

I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and right now I’m climbing back up. It can be done!

The most important thing is to get in the habit of SAVING, I know it seems to be a foreign concept but it is a must! It doesn’t matter if you make $100,000.00 or are on social assistance you must set up an automatic monthly deposit, $5.00 is great if that’s what you can afford. The point is to get in the habit of saving.

I am a huge fan of its easy to set up and kinda fun.


Credit cards should be a tool not a mainstay, and if you start putting rent and groceries on a card its a sure sign of trouble. Payday advances are barely “legit” loan-sharks and should absolutely be avoided.

7 Days to More Money

  • coffee 15/week x $3.89 =$58.35
  • corner store- snacks, choc.bars, chips 3/week x $1.69 =$5.07
  • magazines 1/week x $5.95 =$5.95
  • lotto tickets- (buy your fav)skip the impulse 1/week x $4.00 =$4.00
  • take out lunch 5/week x $15.00 =$75.00
  • dry cleaning 1/week x $30.00 =$30.00
  • cigarettes 1/week x $80.00 =$80.00

Total money spent on Stuff! A week! =$258.37

Now tell me you need a payday loan!

* canadian dollars




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