D.I.Y. Colour Analysis

5 08 2013

D.I.Y. Colour Analysis


Back in the ’80’s there was a trend in having your colours “done”. Believe it or not it was a useful tool that got ambushed by greedy consultants who charged a small fortune and insinuated rocket science into the process.

The basic concept is that every person has particular colours that work better for them than others.

Finding out what these colours are can save you time, money and closet space!

Luckily it’s a snap to do your own colour analysis. All you need is a mirror, a piece of white paper, a window and maybe a second set of eyes.

Grab a partner and make an afternoon out of it.

Hold the paper next to or below your face.

Close your eyes.

Open your eyes.

Try to decide if your skin casts a yellow or blue tone on the paper.

Tada! Hard part over!

Now you’ll pick your “season”( I know, it’s outdated) it just refers to the intensity of colours.

If you cast a Yellow tint you’re probably a Cool tone.

Cool tones with dark hair and blue, green or grey eyes are usually Winter.

Winters should look for : bright white, deep black and deep jewel tones.

Winters should avoid: earth tones and middle, wishy-washy tones.

Cool tones with Light hair and above eye colour are usually Summer.

Summers should look for: muted, soft colours, bluey grey, dusty rose-brown, creams and charcoal.

Summers should avoid: bright, clear colours, deep black and bright white.

If you cast a Blue tint you’re probably a Warm tone.

Warm tones with dark hair and brown, black or hazel eyes are usually Autumn.

Autumns should look for: earth tones, olives, golden browns, warm grey, mid tones.

Autumns should avoid: very bright tones, soft pastels, deep black and bright white.

Warm tones with light hair and blue, green or grey eyes are usually Spring.


Springs should look for: clear, soft tones ,turquoise,aqua, salmon, khaki, off white.

Springs should avoid: bright white, deep black.




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