Make Your Own Corsets!!

31 08 2013


A Beginners Corset Making DVD with 20 sewing patterns:Learn Step-By-Step How To Make Your Own Beautiful CorsetsWith my easy to follow step-by-step beginners videos you can see how each step is done.Along with the easy to follow videos you get these two PDF books:The Corset Making Manual – A full step-by-step written guide with picturesThe Corset Pattern Compendium – 20 corset patterns modern and historical including a corset dress and a corset belt.I am a 3rd generation seamstress specializing in corset construction. I’m so confident you’ll find my course easy to follow and enjoyable that if for any reason you don’t, just email me at and I’ll give you a full refund no questions asked. My main concern is that my customers enjoy corset making as much as I do – Scarlet


Persistance or Stupidity?

25 08 2013

isCAIR68IGSorry for my absence.

I’ve been trying to set up an ecommerce site. Considering I can barely figure out how to use this site I don’t know what I was thinking.

“They” say it’s easy, just follow the directions. Bite Me!!

Two weeks and It’s still screwed up and it’s driving me to drink! or eat cheesecake.

But, I am a strong, capable woman.

I will figure it out.

Or pay someone else to do it!

Anxiety Rescue

18 08 2013

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o you feel mentally overloaded, confused or upset by setbacks in overcoming anxiety?

Do you worry that you will never be able to properly rest and relax?

Maybe you feel like life will never feel normal again, or you feel swamped by stress and anxiety and can’t see a way out.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back the Anxiety Rescue Kit can help you find your feet and move forward in conquering your anxiety.

The Anxiety Rescue Kit contains a workbook to help you find your feet and guided relaxation exercises to help you find relief from mental overload and anxiety – especially if you feel you are experiencing a relapse or setback.

Bespoke Image

18 08 2013

Thought you might like this book I came across.
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svelteinstylebookDo you:

Put off buying clothes until you lose weight?
Feel that losing weight is a constant battle?
Feel that it’s not worth spending money on looking good until you’re at your goal weight?
Have no idea what to buy because you don’t know how to dress your changing body shape?
Feel that you’ve lost your style and want to get it back?

3 Step Elevator Pitch

8 08 2013

Have you ever stumbled over the answer to; and what do you do?

The following exercise will help you develop your very own “ elevator” pitch.

A simple, short bit you can memorize and spit out on the fly.

I’m assuming you know your own name!

1. Who you are?   GOOD

  • Hi, I’m Alice, Steve, Donna, Paul, Dave, Lance.

2. What do you do?  BETTER

  • A recent grad = Hi, I’m Alice, I just finished Design at Sheridan.
  • Employed = Hi, I’m Steve I’m with HR over at Acme Inc.
  • Unemployed = Hi, I’m Donna, I’m in between contracts.
  • Stay at home dad = Hi, I’m Paul, I’m home with my two kids.
  • Business owner = Hi, I’m Dave, I own the shoe store on Main.
  • Renaissance man = Hi, I’m Lance, I’m a horse whisperer from Hollywood.

 3. What do you want?  BEST

  • Hi, I’m Alice, I just finished Design at Sheridan, I’m looking for something in that area, would you know of anything?
  • Hi, I’m Alice, I just graduated from U of T ( if you’re looking in a different field don’t specify ), I do kick ass web designs. Have any leads? ( haha)
  • Hi, I’m Steve, I’m with HR over at Acme but I’m going for my CPA, if you hear of anything let me know.
  • Hi, I’m Donna, I’m in between contracts but I do Social Media for small business, if you know anyone who’s in the market, throw them my name!
  • Hi, I’m Paul, I’m home with my kids, I started a blog about cheap home renos, you should check it out!
  • Hi, I’m Dave, I own the shoe store on Main, we have new stock in, you should come by.
  • Hi, I’m Lance, I’m a horse whisperer from Hollywood but I really want to work with rabbits. Any rabbit connections? (haha)

You get the idea. People like to help out, so ask. You Never know.

D.I.Y. Colour Analysis

5 08 2013

D.I.Y. Colour Analysis


Back in the ’80’s there was a trend in having your colours “done”. Believe it or not it was a useful tool that got ambushed by greedy consultants who charged a small fortune and insinuated rocket science into the process.

The basic concept is that every person has particular colours that work better for them than others.

Finding out what these colours are can save you time, money and closet space!

Luckily it’s a snap to do your own colour analysis. All you need is a mirror, a piece of white paper, a window and maybe a second set of eyes.

Grab a partner and make an afternoon out of it.

Hold the paper next to or below your face.

Close your eyes.

Open your eyes.

Try to decide if your skin casts a yellow or blue tone on the paper.

Tada! Hard part over!

Now you’ll pick your “season”( I know, it’s outdated) it just refers to the intensity of colours.

If you cast a Yellow tint you’re probably a Cool tone.

Cool tones with dark hair and blue, green or grey eyes are usually Winter.

Winters should look for : bright white, deep black and deep jewel tones.

Winters should avoid: earth tones and middle, wishy-washy tones.

Cool tones with Light hair and above eye colour are usually Summer.

Summers should look for: muted, soft colours, bluey grey, dusty rose-brown, creams and charcoal.

Summers should avoid: bright, clear colours, deep black and bright white.

If you cast a Blue tint you’re probably a Warm tone.

Warm tones with dark hair and brown, black or hazel eyes are usually Autumn.

Autumns should look for: earth tones, olives, golden browns, warm grey, mid tones.

Autumns should avoid: very bright tones, soft pastels, deep black and bright white.

Warm tones with light hair and blue, green or grey eyes are usually Spring.


Springs should look for: clear, soft tones ,turquoise,aqua, salmon, khaki, off white.

Springs should avoid: bright white, deep black.

Sports Bra Fitting

2 08 2013

If you’re a man you can skip this!

But if you’re female and do any type of work-out it’s important to get the right sports bra. We all know bras are getting expensive and most of us are wearing the wrong size anyway. A proper fitting bra can make you look at least ten pounds slimmer and has a nack of improving your posture. And a proper fitting sports bra will prevent the breast tissue from stretching

Even if you’re are small busted you need a good supportive bra. It will make all your clothes hang better. I saw this video and wanted to share it, I will be doing more posts on bra basics soon